Jess' Trip Log 2003


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Wed, Jan 1

Big Pigeon

Randy (Booster 55), Jo (Stubby) Pasqua

Redline, 5.8 ft, 1hr 15min run, Jo endered at Razor Rock and rolled twice, Randy awesome surfs especially at Hawaii 5-O, I had ugly run down Lost Guide - but no consequences - go left immediately after big hole


Sat, Jan 4

Lower Noli – Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Bb (G-Force)

PZ, 2000 cfs, 1/2hr run, Bb bought demo 5.9 from Mahoney's, Bb flipped at Radio Tower, I had awesome stern squirt/pirouette (without flipping!) at Bridge Squirt Line


Sun, Feb 2

Lower Noli – Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Andy (rpm), Beau (s7/2),

 Beth (mutant)

PZ, 1360 cfs, 1st try was really, really awesome stern squirt at Big Eddy, booked thru flats, good level, practiced ferrying at RT, snow/ice at RT, played hard, even sore morning after.


Mon, Feb 3

Lower Noli – Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Andy (RPM)

PZ, 1170 cfs, a little playing, but mostly paddled through, 40 minutes


Sun, Feb 16


Lower Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), Andy (RPM)

Redline, Start 5930 cfs, finish 5160 cfs.  Huge waves, few holes, no rocks.  Big wave/hole at Radio Tower, wave train at rapid before Hi Rd/Lo Rd. looked smaller, but big wave in middle turned out to be huge, accelerating.  HUMONGOUS hole at Hi Rd/Lo Rd.  Rode down wave backwards at Devil's Looking Glass, fun feeling, suddenly lifted into the air.  Ledges had fun waves, missed long surfing wave left of river center, then some good surfing waves river right.


Sun, Feb 16


California Creek - Big drop to Noli

Beau, Beth, Andy

Redline (Borrowed Beth's Mutant once).  Noli level listed above.  Hiked in, drug boats, Beau ran 10-12? Foot falls, I decided to follow.  Beau: 3 runs total.  Me: 2.  Fun, straight-forward drop.  Buried deep with Redline, missed my noseplugs as I got wave of water up my nose.  In Mutant, just skipped across the top of the water fast, almost dry-docked on smooth sloping rock below.  Then everyone ran last 500ish yards to Noli and ferried back to Sawmill.  Awesome fun!!!!!  Huge adrenaline rush!!!!! Pics here.


Mon, Feb 17

Lower Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Bill Schooley (Wavesport Extreme)

Redline, 3800cfs?, 1 roll at first rapid - flipped while trying to surf, lost grip w/ right hand, had to readjust, finally came up - cold water, hard to breathe at first, couldn't talk for a few minutes, rest of trip uneventful and otherwise warm.


Sun, Feb 23

VA Creek Expedition.  Big Stony, Lower Whitetop Laurel (looked at Stock Creek & upper Whitetop.)

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), John King (Huck)

Left drytop/PFD @ Beth/Beau's so became shuttle bunny/photographer, stopped at one of bigger rapids on Big Stony to take pictures, caught Beth's boat when it floated to my feet.  Had to use throwrope to get her boat over to her on the other side of the river.  She ran rest of river without trouble.  John swam in same rapid, caught his own boat, Beau recovered paddle below.  Beau and John ran Lower Whitetop from Taylor's Valley to takeout, Beth and I ran shuttle, waited an hour in the cold, switched off waiting & getting warm.  3 people ate 3 meals on $18.  Drove thru mtn roads covered with 3 inches of snow.


Sat, Mar 1

Powell, VA

Beau (Huck), Bb (Gradient)

3.3ft, Redline, 2nd Ledge - huge hole, drop not as high, Beau ran first - huge stern squirt in Huck.  From above, Beau went over/disappears, then suddenly see his boat in the air.  I snuck left as Bb went thru hole fine.   I led continuous section, Bb worked in one hole but ok.  Bb broached on rock - rapid after Slam Dunk, flipped as he went around rock.  Took 2 tries, but he rolled up.  Had T-rescue ready.


Sun, Mar 2

Whitetop Laurel, VA - Creek Junction to Taylor's Valley

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), John King (Huck)

1480ish cfs, Redline, Didn't want to paddle @ first - new river I'd never seen, dreary, raining…but got on and had fun.  We portaged the Slot and drop above it.  No flippage for anyone.  Bruised/scraped my right shin somehow at take-out.  Fun wave below bridge before takeout - really friendly, lots of fun.  Beau tore it up in the Huck - threw a couple 360s in one ride.  His first surf in Huck that didn't end upside down.  Ate at Huddle House, drove 1 1/2 hours back to camp.  Owe Beth and Beau $3 for lunch.


Sat, Mar 8

Lower Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Andy (RPM)

Redline, Around 3500 cfs.  Tried to surf wave at Big Eddy.  Got back in time for supper leftovers at camp.


Sun, Mar 9

Lower Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Beau (s7/2)

PZ, 2500 cfs.  Played briefly at Big Eddy.  Then, discovered awesome new wave at Radio Tower on river left next to the eddy.  Must've spent an hour there.  Beau had some long surfs! 1230-1500


Thu, Mar 20 Chattanooga Me Drove to Chattanooga to pick up my new creek boat!


Sun, Mar 23

Lower Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Beau (s7/2), Beth (GF)

PZ, 2400 cfs.  A little surfing attempt at Big Eddy, but moved on shortly.  Stayed at Radio Tower almost 2 hours.  Longest surf I timed Beau at: 31 seconds.  I had a couple good ones.  Beth played!  Bow kept burying, finally decided to go with it and when I was straight and felt it catch, I stood up on the footblocks and endered.  First was ok, second great.  Did one or two combat rolls at Radio Tower.  One flatwater practice roll (passed paddle over bottom of boat) before then.


Wed, Apr 2

Noli Gorge

Andy (RPM)

Mutant, 1900cfs, 1 hr shuttle, put on 10:30, off at 1pm, 1/2 hr lunch break, good level, first 1/2 hr big and pushy, last part fun, Andy tried surf on first wave at Entrance - lost paddle when flipped, tried handrolls, I bow-rescued, he rolled at Entrance, Rooster Tail, one other place.  I braced out of some shoulda-flipped situations.  Felt like a cork being tossed around thru the first part, need to work on eddy turns.  Need to adjust outfitting in the Mutant.  Good times.


Sat, Apr 5

Noli - Emb. to B.Rock

Bb (GF), Josh (Gradient)

Mutant, about 1900 cfs, 1st trip w/o drytop - just wore short sleeve polypro, Josh's first time on river in kayak, swam every rapid, but not until the end of Big Rock, Bb handpaddled, I did one example eskimo rescue, Bb tried to demo handroll - I rescued.  Cold.  Josh frozen.  Karoline followed in car.  Lessons learned: beginners need a lot more flatwater time, always overdress beginners, always prepare for multiple swims with beginners. 


Sun, Apr 13


Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant)

Mutant, 3.6ft, exhausted, Beth: 2 swims;  me: 1 swim, 1 extended side-surf, 1 bad broach, 3 times I panicked.  See Trip Report.


Thu, Apr 17

Noli - Emb to B. Rock

Bb (G-Force), Josh (Redline)

Mutant, Sold Redline, Bb flipped me, I flipped back.  Both went swimming at take-out.  Josh swam at Big Rock.  Ate at Firehouse BBQ afterward.


Tue, Apr 22


ACA Kayak Inst. Course

Dagger GT 7.8, one decent side-surfing spot.


Wed, Apr 23

Nantahala - Surfer's to store

ACA Kayak Inst. Course

Dagger GT 7.8, back-ferrying, eddies, etc.  Catch 5 eddies in Lesser.  Got 7. 


Thu, Apr 24

Nantahala - Surfer's to store

ACA Kayak Inst. Course

Dagger GT 7.8,  rescues, mock foot entrapment drill, swimming before-hand down near store.  Catch 5 eddies in Lesser.  Got 6. 


Sun, May 4

Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Beau (s7/2), Beth (GF 5.9)

PZ, 1810 cfs, I won argument about rolling with the "I'm now certified" line.


Sun, May 11

Noli - Ledge between Campground and Chestoa

Swiftwater Rescue

7:30am-6:30p,, got nasty looking sore place on neck from 11 hours in drytop


Wed, May 14

Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Bb (GF 5.9)

PZ, 1600 cfs, teaching Bb to front surf on wave at Radio Tower.


Fri, May 23

Noli - Big Rock

Will (Ego), Bb (GF 5.9), Kristin (watched)

PZ. Hard paddle up and ferry over, only stayed about 5-10 min.


Sat, May 24

Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill

Will (Ego), Bb (GF 5.9), Elizabeth Seward (my Mutant), Mikey (Transition)

PZ, 2700 cfs


Tue, Jun 3

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Mikey, Eagle's Nest Tubers

Mutant, Camp Tube Trip


Sun, Jun 8

Noli - Chestoa to B. Rock

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant)

Mutant, ~6000 cfs, fun times!!!  Tongue 'n Cheek was huge hole except for main tongue.  Surfed Beau all the way across the river, even after Beth rammed into him.


Sun, Jun 8

California Creek (Big Drop to Noli + Little drop above the Big 'un) 

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant)

Mutant, Ran Big drop twice.  Ran drop above it twice.  Ran down to Noli and on to Big Rock.


Wed, Jun 11

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Mikey, Treehouse Tubers

Mutant, Camp Tube Trip


Thu, Jun 12

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Mikey, Deerside Tubers

Mutant. Camp Tube Trip


Sat, Jun 14

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Bb (GF), Matt Money (WS Z), Brian Loffman (Corsica), Tyler Neas (WS EZ), Erin (my Mutant), Danielle Woodson (Bb's Gradient), Juan (Wacko -in Minnow)

Demoed s6 190, 1500, Brian swam 2x, rolled at Tongue n Cheek, Wakko stuck at Big Rock, W. County SWR helped out.  Checked messages at Chip's, learned of next trip.


Sat, Jun 14

Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Beau (s7/2), Beth, (GF 5.9), Amy (RPM), Robert (AQII)

PZ, 1500, 2nd trip of day, Amy swam @ Entrance trying to eddy turn, Robert swam at Radio Tower, played forever (thru rainstorm) at Radio Tower, Beth played without encouragement, had several vertical moves at ender spot below RT. 


Tue, Jun 17

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Bb (GF), Eagle's Nest

Mutant, Camp Tube Trip


Wed, Jun 18

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Bb (GF), Treehouse

Mutant, Camp Tube Trip


Thu, Jun 19

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Bb (GF), GHP

Mutant, Camp Tube Trip


Sat, Jun 21

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Staff Tube Trip

Mutant, Christina's first tube trip! Karoline's Birthday


Mon, Jun 23

Noli - Chip's to S-turn

Matt Money (Whiplash)

Mutant, Water Fun Tube trip


Tue, Jun 24

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Lawrence (Big EZ), Matt M.

Mutant, Water Fun Tube trip


Wed, Jun 25

Noli - Chip's to S-turn

Matt M.

Mutant, Water Fun Minnow


Thu, Jun 26

Noli - Emb - S-Turn

Matt M.

Mutant, Water Fun Minnow, lunch at Chip's, Anna's catfish/Regis Philbin comment, thought we were going to choke from laughing so hard, played at caves forever, awesome


Tue, July 1

Noli - Emb - B. Rock

Mikey, GHP

Mutant, Camp Tube Trip


Fri, July 4

Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Beau (s7/2), Beth (GF 5.9)

PZ, 2330, dead tired but played all out, half paddle twirl on wave, great ender below RT, Beau/Beth's 3rd trip of the day


Mon, July 7

Lower Doe - Baptist Church to Covered Bridge

Bb (GF)

PZ, camp exploratory trip, class II/II+, long for a tube trip, several strainers, lost Bb for a while, luckily found him again. 


Mon, July 7

Noli - Chip's to S-turn

Matt Money (Big EZ), Tiffany (minnow)

Mutant, roughly 2200 cfs, Water Fun Tube trip, I resourced, shuttle mix-up turned out ok, Bertha and Amanda - 2 fun deaf girls, big waves, fairly high water level


Wed, July 9

Noli - Chip's to S-Turn

Matt Money (Big EZ), Tiffany (minnow)

Mutant, Water Fun Minnow trip, I resourced, Bertha and Amanda were along.


Thu, July 10

Noli - Emb to S-turn

Matt Money (canoe), Tiffany (minnow)

Minnow, chased Amanda to get her behind me, Carnage at Tongue n Cheek - 1 swimmer, Tiffany broached, all 3 staff swimming at same time, I swam forever after boat fills w/ water during rescue.  Carnage at B. Rock - 4 swimmers, 3 loose boats, Joe forgets what to do - swims head first, belly over a rock; towed 2 boats at a time up from Chip's around rock, talked w/ Andy and Katie from pool, loaded, left, went back to get Matt's canoe, got my Mutant, a big canoe, and five tubes in my little truck.  


Fri, July 11

Little Stony

Beau (Huck), John King (Huck)

Met at shop, almost late from camp, lots of traffic, Beth and I watched/took pics of them run, they took out above ~30ft falls, home around 10:30pm


Sat, July 12

Powell, VA

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), John (Huck)

Mutant, 2.65 to 2.82ft, Leave shop at 1pm, Have to wait out storm right above/beside Murphy's type drop, hiding under rock overhang, watched water rise, no carnage, lots of butterflies during "hectic section", saw level at end, decided to go creekin'


Sat, July 12

Big Stony - Put-in to Devil's Fork Bridge

Beau (Huck), John (Huck)

Too cold/tired to paddle, Beth decides against as well, we take pics, run shuttle, good pics of munching, John had to roll at same drop Beth & John swam before.


Wed, July 16

Noli - Emb to B. Rock

Tim, Mikey, Tyler Neas, Treehouse

1080 - 1100ish, late start due to storm before hand, not back 'til 6:00, assist in rescue of kids & dog from Big Rock


Thu, July 17

Noli - Emb to B. Rock

Jo Pasqua, Travis Proffitt, Eagle's Nest

1020 cfs, Rough trip, felt I had little support from staff, skipped supper afterward to shower before switching into counselor mode to replace Tiffany in Foxfire


Mon, July 21



Noli – Chip’s to S-Turn

Lawrence, Matt, Mikey, Sarah W, Lorielle W, Liz H, Bill and Clay W, Joey W, Justin W, Sam

Mutant, No camper flips while running rapids, only while playing, swam @ caves, stopped and jumped off large rock in flats


Tue, July 22


Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Same as above

Rainstorm, shuttle mixup, played group knot in guys changing room, PZ, Played @BigEddy – surfs, popups, squirts.  Two swimmers @ RT – Justin came through hole, but it sucked him back and flipped him, tried several rolls before getting a rescue.  Bill and Joey swam.  Played at rapid before Hi/Lo Rd – squirts, late for supper.


Wed, July 23


Chestoa to Sawmill

Same as above

1400, PZ, Surfed RT wave, squirts, above Hi/Lo, boofed Hi Rd, RT – Liz dropped in sideways and munched before swimming, I didn’t stop paddling through flats, ate lunch at Sawmill, back to camp


Thu, July 24


Sawmill to Big Rock

Same as above plus Sarah Jones (Ace) , Carol Marie, Tyler Neas

1040, PZ, took handpaddles, surfed w/ them in wave below Blevins, carnage @ Blevins – Mikey, Sarah, Lorielle, Matt swam, rafted up to empty boats and have kids climb back in, Sam handrolled w/ one handpaddle! Played at tongue n cheek, very very late for supper


Mon, July 28


Noli – Emb to BR

Camp Tube, Matt M (Big EZ) , Beth (GF)



Aug 9



John King, Beau, Beth

Started Doe Gorge, John broke paddle at first decent drop.  We hiked out.


Aug 17


Noli Gorge

Beau, Beth



Aug 23/24?


Cherokee Sunday School Raft and Paddle  Randy, Jo, Andy, Jason Onks, don’t remember rest

PZ, still not greatest line down Lost Guide, Andy munched beneath raft after playing below Lost Guide.  Randy demoed S6 200.  Stayed at Hawaii 5O for a long time.  Tried to play some.  Picnic afterward.


Aug 31?

 I wish I'd kept better track of my log.  I hate blank spots like this.


Sep 7?



Sep 9?

Lower Noli

Matt Money (demo Airhead)

Matt swam first rapid.  I had one great stern squirt into flapjack at Big Eddy.  Matt had awesome stern stall into flapjack into swim at ledge below RT


Sep 14?



Lower Noli

Beau, Beth, Matt Money (Whiplash)



Sep 25


Matt Money (Whiplash)



Sep 26

Lower Noli- Chestoa to JL

Emily Skelton (RPM)

GF!!!!  Lots of awesome stern squirts!  2-3 combat rolls while playing.  One “what was that” roll at Big Eddy.  Emily – 1 com. Roll at big eddy.  Lots of fun.


Oct 5?

 Upper Green? - Beau, John, HG - Mutant, will take playboat next time because of long hike out.  2 "good" rapids, some other ledges that would be lots of fun if closer together.


Oct 12?

 Did I paddle on these days?  Or any in between?


Oct 26?


Nov 1


Beau (S7), Beth (GF), Matt M (Whiplash), Kevin, some guy from KY



Nov 2


Beau (S7), Beth (GF), Lorielle (S7), Matt M (Whiplash)



Nov 9?

 Did I paddle these days?


Nov 16?


Nov 20

Big Stony Creek

Beau (Huck)

Mutant, Early morning run.  Fog on the creek.  My first Big Stony trip.  Met at 0630, back to the shop by 0930.  Beau flipped at a hole below Chunder, rolled. 


Nov 23

Lower Noli- Chestoa to JL

Beth (GF)

2500ish, First Noli trip after the high water during the previous week.  Amazing seeing the evidence – trees next to the river all leaning downstream.  Trash six feet above the river.  Played some at Big Eddy, RT, and above Hi/Lo.

64, 65

Nov 27

Powell, VA

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), John King (Huka), (Tech - Matt)

Mutant, Thanksgiving Day double Powell run.  Matt ran shuttle and took photos.


Nov 30


Didn’t go, was during church


66, 67

Dec 7

Powell, VA

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), John King (Huka), Rick (Arc)

Mutant, I (and Beth) did two runs (first ledge to slam dunk), Beau/John/Rick carried up for third partial run (Table Rock to Slam Dunk), fourth full run, then Beau/John walked up to top of Slam Dunk again.  Everyone (but John) had AWESOME boofs at Slam Dunk on 2nd trip.  During 3, 4, and 5 we took turns taking video.


Dec 14

Wilson Creek, NC

Beau (Huck), John (Huka), Rick (Arc), Will (Sniper), Kevin
(Tech – Matt, Beth)

Level= -3 to 0.  Matt M, Beth, and I took video and photos.  Beth and I wanted to wait ‘til Beau ran it and told us how it was.  Will probly run next time.  Pics here.

68, 69

Dec 21

Powell, Va

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), John King (Huka), Joey (Mutant)

Mutant, Cold, my pogs were frozen.  Couple inches of snow on the ground in VA.  New elbow pads.  Felt “off” during first run – until AWESOME boof at Slam Dunk.  Still not ‘on’ for second run, until GREAT boof at Slam Dunk.  Beth swam at Slam Dunk, slipped left before boof move, dropped hole sideways, tried to roll but skirt popped.  Too shallow to swim far, she just sat there holding boat.  Almost hypothermic.  Felt really sorry for her.

70, 71, 72

Dec 28

Powell, Va

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant), John King (Huka), (Tech - Robert)

Mutant, 2.6ish, 1st run – Murphy’s Ledge type drop to BSG bank.  Missed boof.  2nd run – below MLedge to below Slam Dunk.  Partial boof.  3,4,5 Slam Dunk laps.  3- slightly too far right.  4- way too far right – bumped elbow (missing pad).  5- no speed, penciled. 


at least
72 Trips

13, 14 different runs

47 different companions

Life is Good.

Pigeon - 2
Noli-Chestoa to JL - 18
California Creek - 2
Powell - 7
Whitetop Laurel - 1
Noli Gorge - 2
Noli- Emb. to BR - 19
Tuck - 1
Nanty - 5
Noli-Chip's to STurn - 6
Lower Doe - 1
Big Stony - 1
Upper Green - 1

Multiple Trips (w/ me) each:
Randy - 2
Jo - 3
Bb - 11
Andy - 7
Beau - 27
Beth - 24
John King - 10
Josh - 2
8 Kayak Inst Class - 4
Matt M - 20
Mikey - 9
Tyler N - 3
Lawrence - 5
Tiffany - 3
8 Kayak kids - 4


Only 1 trip (w/ me) each:
Bill Schooley
Elizabeth Seward
Travis P
Sarah Jones
Carol Marie
Jason Onks

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