California Creek, a tributary of the Nolichucky River

February 16, 2003
Nolichucky level was 5900-6000cfs.

The Prep-Work

  California Creek tree removal
This tree had to go before we ran the creek.
The Drop
  Main drop on California Creek in Tennessee

California Creek's main claim to fame, we estimate that this drops about 12 feet.  The top slides a bit, the bottom is a straight drop.

Our first waterfall.

At the Brink
Beau approaching the lip of the drop on California Creek in TN                Jess approaches the lip of the drop on California Creek in Tennessee
From Afar
  Beau running drop in the distance - California Creek, Tennessee  
The Best Picture
  Beau runs the main drop of California Creek in Tennessee  
Below the Main Drop
Beau runs California Creek below main drop while Jess watches

Below, looking downstream.

Looking upstream towards drop on California Creek, TN
Below looking back toward main drop, farthest patch of white.
Looking upstream on California Creek in Tennessee
Even farther below, looking back upstream.
A Tired Boater
  Jess walks to car from take-out as Andy watches
I am walking up (slowly) with my yellow Redline (has since been sold).  The glimpse of yellow helmet on the left is the only known picture of Andy from this trip.


And, I used to think this was extreme......

Larger shot of Beau running the drop on California Creek in TN



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