Jess' Trip Log 2005

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# Date Location Who Notes
1 Sat, Jan 1 Atlantic Ocean (Kill Devil Hills, NC) Phillip Turner (rented SOT)

Support Crew: Tiffany

GF, Ocean Bay Beach Access, 2 hours - 12pm-2pm, warmer weather - upper 60s, better clothing (borrowed wetsuit and booties for Phillip), better waves!  Water temp still cold.  I flipped 3 times, bad brain freeze each time.  Phillip was squirted once and fell off backward (but he got the picture he wanted).  Finished his roll of film, hopefully we'll have good pics soon.  Many good waves, often we surfed side-by-side.  Loads of fun.  Very tired and sore afterward!
2 Sat, Jan15 Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line Bb

Support Crew: Kristin - shuttle bunny!  (Would be photo-tech if Bb hadn't forgotten camera!)

GF, 3600 - 3400, coldish (30s?), met @ 1000, ate lunch at Subway, geared up, on water around 1215; done by 1400.  Felt very slow and sluggish to begin with - more layers, heavy boat, out of practice...  Rolled below RT in ledge-hole (where Beth likes doing pop-ups), definite brain freeze, but it was short-lived.  Started getting looser by the end, but also started getting cold.  I'd also managed to get both feet wet trying to get out of boat at Sawmill.  Would have been all wet if it weren't for drypants (I fell in).  So, we abandoned original plan of going to Big Rock, and got out at Sawmill.  Good thing we had a shuttle bunny!  Changed at camp then ate second half of Subway foot-long.  Later hung out at Lauri Jo's.
3 Wed, Feb 23 Noli - Embreeville to Big Rock Matt (Airhead), Mike (Freefall) GF, 2.5ft at Embreeville gauge, warmish - 50's.  Met at camp around 1300.  I had 6 rolls, all either while playing or on purpose (paddle out and roll in the current).  Brain freeze only lasted seconds.  Mike amazed at how warm he stayed.  Matt annoyed at how long it took to get used to the boat again.  He tried shaving down the hip pads in his boat while sitting above Ghost Eddy.  Instead shaved down his thumb.  Used my pack towel to stop bleeding.  Unfortunately, my duct tape is no longer in my dry bag.  Need to remedy that.  Fun, short trip.  Got several decent squirts in.
4 Fri, Mar 25 Tellico - Ledges Peter, Matt (from theCross), Phillip (lower section) Mutant, take-out at Turkey Creek.  No rolls for me.  Phillip swam a few times - really rocky river. 
5 Sat, Apr 2 Nantahala - Ferebee down Paulette, Phillip, Meredith, Chester and Casey Jones GF, 4 rolls while playing or to cool down.  Snowed.  Met P4C, hung out at Spring Sale at NOC.
6/7, R1/2 Sun, Apr 3 Ocoee - Middle Guide Training "Fun runs"  I guided a little on first trip.  Swam on purpose to retrieve floating paddle in flat section.
8 Tue, Apr 5 Cookson Creek - Above culverts to house Phillip RPM and boogie board
9 Fri, Apr 8 Ocoee - below Double Suck to Raft take-out Sutton, Phillip (Tiffany and Paulette - photo) GF?, ripped neck gasket before we left.  Cold.  I took very inventive lines to avoid getting wet.
10, R3 Sat, Apr 9 Ocoee - Middle Guide Training Bought drytop that morning, practice in lake, then run river (intentionally swim one rapid), girl's raft broached on Prudential at Tablesaw - swam trying to jump back in raft.
11, R4 Sun, Apr 10 Ocoee - Middle Guide Training Girl's raft + Phillip, good run, I guided Hell Hole
12, R5 Sun, Apr 10 Ocoee - Middle Guide Training Kendall, Paulette, Shawn, Me, Brooks, I guided well in middle section
13 Sun, Apr 17 Ocoee - Middle Kayaked along with Brooks/Brannen in cataraft, and 1 customer boat GF, got worked in 2nd hole at Doublesuck - window shade and roll at bottom.  Roll at Double Trouble
14 Wed, Apr 29 Nantahala - Ferebee down Bb, Phillip GF, lots of squirts, play-related rolls.  Warm weather, cool water.  Bb flapjacked, Phillip swam hole at Lesser Wesser
15, R6 Sat, Apr 30 Ocoee - Middle Grand Opening (in raft with Josh and his friends) I guided everything but Grumpy, Hollywood, Cat's Pajamas.
16, R7 Sat, Apr 30 Ocoee - Middle Grand Opening - second trip Brooks and full raft (i just helped), lost water thru shallows, caught surge towards the end.
17, R8 Sat, May 7 Ocoee - Middle Mom, Julie, Aaron, Adam, Shirley, and S's two friends (ride with Rob) I guided shoals before Tablesaw, Hell Hole and Powerhouse, I was SICK at takeout and again back at the barn.
18 Wed, May 11 Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line Matt, Mike, Tyler (GF), Andy Frost (Mutant?) Skip, Flipped ferrying below Industrial Strength Washing Machine and while playing
19 Thur, May 12 Noli Gorge Matt (Airhead), Mike (Whiplash or Freefall?), Lorielle (S7) Lost Lorielle's boat at Quarter Mile, Matt and I looked for about an hour. Finally, Mike and Lorielle hiked out.  We found boat below Rooster Tail, I towed it out (with her skirt on cockpit to keep water out.  I rolled twice at On the Rocks (Lorielle was only on who didn't flip).  Finally out at dark.
20 Sat, May 21 Noli - below Big Rock help Randy at HeffFest basic instruction
21 Thur, May 26 Tube - Emb to Big Rock 6 tubes, 7 boats - Phillip, Matt, Tyler, Mike, Bill, Jarrod, me Mutant, 1.97ft, hung out at Chip's for awhile afterward.
22 Tue, May 31 Big Rock - boater check-offs Matt, Tyler, Phillip, Bill Mutant?
23 Mon, June 6 Tube - Emb to Big Rock TreeHouse Mutant, 1.9ft
24 Wed, June 15 Tube - Emb to BR HH and Deerside w/ Matt, Mike, Bill, Danielle, Wendy, Tom 2.56, 2230cfs
25 Thur, June 16 Minnow - Chip's to Taylor Bridge Deerside w/ Emily, Bill, Danielle Mutant, grateful for Emily, hated pulling boats up hill at takeout
26 Wed, June 22 Tube - Emb to BR Deerside w/ Mike, Tyler, Rachael Mutant, 2.16, 1600ish, morning trip
27 Wed, June 22 Tube - Emb to BR Eagle's Nest and Tree House (20 participants), Mike, Phillip, Pete Turner, Patrick, Amanda, Fawn, Andy Mutant, afternoon trip
28 Thur, June 23 Minnow - Chip's to Taylor Bridge Deerside w/ Tyler and Rachael, Emily as second Mutant, again grateful for Emily's help.  I got 2 rocks in at caves!
29 Sat, June 25 Noli - Chestoa to JL Matt Played at Big Eddy, below Radio Tower, had 3-4 rolls.  Supper at River's Edge
30 Mon, June 27 Noli - Big Rock Kayak Camp w/ Lawrence, Bill, Beth, Don Mutant, Work on ferries, eddies, rescues, etc.
31 Tue, June 28 Noli - Chip's to S-Turn (me to Taylor Bridge) Kayak Camp w/ Jo, Bill, Beth, Don Mutant, 2000ish, thunder just before last rapid, kids out at S-Turn, me to bridge to get van.
32 Wed, June 29 Tube - Emb to BR GHP - Sarah R. and Ryan O. (Phillip as second) Mutant, Matt was unable to lead, kayak camp ran chestoa to JL without me.  2.31.  Good tube trip.
33 Thur, June 30 Noli - Chestoa to BR Kayak Camp w/ Lawrence, Bill, Beth, Don Mutant, 12 mile trip, 2.26, kids tired, but still want more.
--- Sat, July 2 Camp Lake Staff Kayak Instruction - Andy, Rachael, Amanda F, Natalie, Kat, Caitlin, Bill Wet exits, rescues, paddling, Andy rolled
34 Sat, July 2 Noli - Chestoa to JL Bill, Matt, Matt's mom Skip, so tired I missed first roll after a pop-up, got second try.
35 Mon, July 4 Noli - Emb to BR HH and EN, Phillip and Tyler, And F. in boat, Amanda, Gretchen, Fawn, Mandy Mutant, Tube, didn't record level
36 Mon, July 11 Noli - Emb to BR Canoe w/ Mandy then Rachael alongside tube trip Canoe, no problems, ran BR backward, 2.15
37 Mon, July 18 Noli - Emb to BR TH, Tyler as second, Ben, Gretchen Out after Embreeville for thunder
38 Mon, July 25 Noli - Emb to BR More Water - Matt, Rachael, Patrick Mutant, 2.1, 1450
39 Wed, July 27 Noli - Emb to BR HH - Jo, Phillip, Tyler ran trip; Gretchen and Ryan C. I TUBED! w/ handpaddles, intentionally swam down Big Rock, caught eddy, swam up, and jumped into hole again. 
40 Mon, Aug 1 Noli - Emb to BR TH - Gretchen and Ryan C. w/ Phillip..Andy F. took photo and video Mutant, 1400ish, caught in sidesurf while sitting in my usual rescue eddy at BR
41 Tue, Aug 2 Noli - Emb to BR EN and HH - Amanda, Tom, Patrick, Elizabeth S, Kristin (Phillip, Tyler, Bill in boats) Mutant, 1.95,1300ish?
42, R9 Thur, Aug 11 Ocoee - Middle (training trip) Rob, Phillip Training run, Phillip guided after Grumpy's through Double Trouble.  I guided Hiwassee Shoals through Powerhouse.  Felt really good guiding.  Made guide slide at Jump Rock, body surfed small hole later.  Swam one random Class III, also Powerhouse.  Sharp rock took a chunk out of my left foot - seven stitches, not allowed to get it wet for more than 10 days.
  Ocoee - Middle (training) Rob (kayaked), Phillip (R2'd) Against doctor's orders.  Wrapped foot in plastic and duct tape.  Still got wet.  Red for next day or two.  Didn't like R2'ing much.  Decided to wait 'til I'm officially better to go back to the river.
44 Wed, Sep 14 Nolichucky - Chestoa to JL Matt (Airhead) Skip, 650ish - LOW, amazing how the floods changed the minimum level for this run.  Entrances to Radio Tower and the one before Hi/Lo Rd. were both really scrapey.  Matt had to walk his boat to a deeper spot above Radio Tower.  Clear water, could see 5-6 feet down.  It needs to rain.
45 ?, Sep ?? Nantahala - Matt (Rocker), Phillip (demo) Demoed Jackson Star,
46? Sep? Oct? Noli - Chestoa to JL Matt, Phillip Matt got pinned trying to catch eddies, Phillip and I assisted.  Phillip swam at RT? 
46 Trips 9 Different Locations 31 Different Companions 7 stitches, countless bruises. Life is good!