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Tue, Jan 1

French Broad Sec 9

Randy & Jo Pasqua, Don & Tripp Washburn, Jason Onks

Freezing cold

Eddies/Calm spots frozen!


Sat, Jan 26

Noli Gorge      

Randy Pasqua, Jason Onks

5,000ish cfs!  3 combat rolls.  Took out above Quarter Mile.  See trip report.


Thu, Mar 21

Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love  

Sarah, Lawrence, Isaac Jones, Jo Pasqua




Sat, Mar 23

Little River – below Elbow to Y (2x)

Bb, Jeremy (4 com. rolls), Bb’s dad on 2nd trip

Handpaddled 1st Run,  Bb Hand 2nd run,  Handpaddles Broke,  2 combat rolls- 1 hand, both at Marriage Rock.


Sat, Apr 6

NOC Spring Sale & egg race down falls

A bunch of people I don’t know

Caught 1 egg, won free sampler certificate


Sun, Apr 7

NOC – Lesser Wesser


I demoed EVO,  Bb demoed Ace 4.7,  2nd time thru I got endered and swam



Embreeville to before B. Rock

Andy Trent, Christie Carr

High water, Andy’s first trip in awhile, didn’t do Big Rock


Thu, Apr 18

Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Andy Trent (1st com. roll)

1st time leading a trip


Sat, Apr 20   

Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Bb (demoed a G-force),  Jed (1st 4 combat rolls) & Rachel

2nd time leading,  1 combat roll @ Big Eddy – trying to squirt


Sun, Apr 21

Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love  

Bb (In G-Force),  Jo Pasqua,  Beth Dunnivant,  Bill Schooley

Wanted handpaddles!  Fun anyway


Sun, Apr 28

Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line


1 com. Roll @ Radio Tower – trying to squirt


Sat, May 4

Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Bb (Pyranha S6 190),  Jeremy (G-Force 5.9)

I handpaddled and demoed S8 225,  Bb carnage @ ISW


Sun, May 5

Noli – Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Jed, Rachel, Andy Trent

1ish to 4:30pm


Sun, May 26

Noli – Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Andy Trent, Jeremy

Gave Jeremy bow rescue @ Hi Road


Mon, June 3

River Training @ Big Rock

Michael Stohler, Andy Trent, Bb, Travis Vaughn, Randy Pasqua

River leader training for camp


Tue, June 6

Noli – Chip’s to

S-Turn (2x)

Staff Tube Trips

1,000ish cfs,  Stung by bee on inpost trip



Tue, June 11

Noli – Chip’s to S-turn

Water Fun

Tubed w/ Handpaddles


Wed, June 12

Noli – Emb. to B. Rock

Water Fun

Tube trip 500ish cfs


Thu, June 13

Noli – Chip’s to S-turn

Water Fun

Minnow trip 500sh cfs


Tue, July 9

Noli – Chip’s to S-turn

Water Fun

Tube Trip


Wed, July 10

Noli – Chip’s to S-turn

Water Fun

Minnow Trip


Thu, July 11

Noli – Emb. To B.Rock

Water Fun

Tube – All but 1 tuber flipped at Big Rock


Sat, July 20

Noli – Emb. To B.Rock

Michael Stohler, Joe Wurtz, Bb, Karoline Berg (in minnow)

Joe had great first trip.


Sat, July 27


Bb, Michael Stohler, Will Nation, Lauren Foy, Kristin Knight, John Redmond, Travis Proffitt

Lost John, Will had to go find John, we learned many important lessons about communication, food, water, beginners


Tue, July 30

Noli – Chip’s to S-turn

Water Fun

Tube Trip


Thu, Aug 1

Noli – Emb. to B.Rock

Water Fun

265 cfs, Tube Trip


Sat, Aug 3

Noli – Chestoa to B.Rock

Bb (G-Force), Michael Stohler, Travis Proffitt, Lauren Foy, Brian Loffman, Elizabeth Seward, (Karoline – lunch and shuttle)

227-250 cfs.


Sat, Aug 17

Pigeon River

Bb, Jo & Randy Pasqua, Rachel, Jed, Lawrence Jones, Don Washburn, Tony (L’s friend)

Lawrence and Tony in Duo, 1 combat roll at Lost Guide (2 attempts L–R),  gave Jo bow rescue


Sun, Aug 18

"spot-yet-to-be-named", South Fork of Holston

Beth (RPM) & Beau (s7/2) Dunnivant

2 Com. Rolls (both L), 1 bottom brace


Tue, Sep 10

Pigeon River

Jed, Rachel

1 com. Roll (trying to Ferry Hawaii 5-O)

Didn’t have noseplugs on


Sun, Sep 22

Noli – Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Beth (RPM) & Beau (s7/2) Dunnivant, Andy Trent (RPM)

250 to 360 cfs, Handpaddled, 3 or 4 rolls, rained


Fri, Sep 27

Nanty – Ferebee to store

Bb (demoed LL Skip)

Twice normal level, big waves, 1 (L) com. Roll at Lesser Wesser


Sat, Sep 28

Noli – Chestoa to B. Rock

Bb (G-Force), Will Nation (EGO), Andy Trent (RPM)

3,500ish cfs, awesome level, lots of surf holes & wave trains


Sun, Sep 29

Little River right below Sinks to Y (portaged Elbow)

Bb (Larry), Beth (RPM) & Beau (s7/2) Dunnivant

350ish cfs, very technical, lots of 5-6 ft drops, 1 (L) com. Roll after vertical 6 ft. drop, rolled up looking over 4-5 ft drop, paddled hard, fun run


Thu, Oct 3

Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Andy Trent (RPM)

450cfs, 1 1/2 combat rolls, handpaddled





Sun, Oct 6

Noli - Chestoa to County Line

Beth (RPM) & Beau (s7/2) Dunnivant

350cfs, played all out, broached, left keys in wrong car, tweaked left wrist, 1 com. Roll, lots of braces, lots of practice rolls


Sat, Oct 12



Noli – Chestoa to Cherokee Adv.

Bb (Larry), Beth (RPM) & Beau (s7/2) Dunnivant

Unknown level, noseplugs broke before Radio Tower, figured out squirt technique (watch stern), tried flipping Beth - got 1st combat bare-hand roll, want playboat, surprise party after


Sat, Oct 19

Nantahala - Ferebee to NOC store - GAF

Jo Pasqua (Booster), Sarah Jones (Piedra), Emily Skelton (RPM, 1st trip since surgery), several others whose names I don't know

NEW BOAT!  Several good squirts, watched retro rodeo at Lesser


Tue, Oct 22

"spot-yet-to-be-named", SFH

Beau Dunnivant (s7/2)

PZ 225, missed water - kinda low, tried squirts, caught wave once


Sat, Oct 26

Upper Russell Fork

Jed, Bill, Jamie (not Gaither), John Heffernan

PZ, no flippage, ok river, 2 hr drive


Sun, Oct 27

Lower Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Beau (s7/2), Beth (G-Force) Dunnivant

PZ, 441 cfs, 2-3com rolls above Hi Rd, fun ender type spot with rock landing - Beau landed on me, sidesurfed hole at ledges together (bow on bow), had Beth's camera - used last of film


Sat, Nov 2

Lower Noli – Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Beau (Huck), Beth (G-Force) Dunnivant

PZ,737 cfs, Beau in new Huck, cold, snow on highest mountain tops.


Sun, Nov 3

Noli Gorge!!!

Beau (Huck), Beth (RPM) Dunnivant

PZ, 660 cfs, cold – very cold last half.  I led most of trip.  Great lines except on On the Rocks – braced all the way down.  Beth was squirted and had to swim 2x - skirt blew at Rooster tail, then lost paddle after Dodo’s.  No rolls for me.  Beau munched in Dodo’s hole, "I just wanted to go up there and look at it."


Sun, Nov 10

Noli Gorge

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant) Dunnivant

PZ, 760-740cfs, Rolled @ bottom of entrance, and rapid after Jaws while running.  Rolled while squirting below the campground.  Awesome brace at Rooster Tail.  Beth swam @ On the Rocks (broached on rock).


Sun, Nov 17

Noli - Chestoa to Jackson-Love

Beau (Huck), Beth (Mutant) Dunnivant, and Andy Trent (RPM)

PZ, 3700cfs, 36°F, half-hour trip, fun, big, Beau rolled once @ hole below Radio Tower, stayed warm enough, everyone's fingers a little cold, should have gone on to Sawmill.


Sat, Nov 23

Noli - Campground to Jackson-Love

Bill Schooley (IZ 222)

PZ, 1500cfs, 50ish, 11 - 1pm, some stern squirts


Sun, Nov 24

Noli - Chestoa to Sawmill/County Line

Jo Pasqua (Booster), Beau Dunnivant (s7/2)

PZ, 1300cfs, around 60°, 2 - 2 1/2 hrs, played some, but kept moving, a few "half-rolls" at bridge squirt spot


Sun, Dec 1

S.F. Holston (spot-yet-to-be-named)

Beau (s7/2) and Beth (GF) Dunnivant

PZ, roughly 34°, 2hrs, Beth's idea - then changed her mind, had to bully her onto water, warm water, paddled bare-hand, too hot until off water, then froze.  1 or 2 bad rolls while in Beth's GF


Sun, Dec 8



Didn’t paddle.  Broke 11 week streak.





Sun, Dec 15

Powell, VA

Beau (huck) & Beth (mutant) Dunnivant

Redline, 3ft., Scouted Sat, still some surprises, Murphy’s Ledge type drop, hectic ¾ mile, class 4 slot, heads-down broach, Beau helped, then he was broached and got out, Beth ran into Beau then went around, portaged some wood, 1 hour drive, 1 hour paddle



Mon, Dec 16

L. Noli – Sawmill to B.Rock

Andy Trent, Tasha Greer, Will Nation, Dave ?

Redline, 1060? Cfs, rolled twice in flats, major brain freeze


Sun, Dec 22

Powell, VA

Beau (huck) & Beth (mutant) Dunnivant

Redline, 3.1 ft, bigger than last weekend, boofed drop behind rock, had best line, Beth surfed out of hole, Beau slammed hole, caught more eddies through ¾ mile, Slam Dunk tried to pull Beth back but she fought out, Beau almost flipped in eddy, I had 2 combat rolls @ surf wave below Pizza Hut, good fast trip, thought about running again, visited Natural Tunnel State Park on the way home, later discovered pulled muscle from bad brace


Sun, Dec 29



Noli Gorge

Jim (Redline), Jeff (OC1), Rob (Z), Bruce (Redline) from Canada, Beau (huck) & Beth (mutant) Dunnivant

Redline, 1550cfs, bigger, nice waves below twin eddies # 1, Rob swam at Jaws, carnage through Quarter Mile, almost ran Murphy’s ledge attached to Bruce’s boat, released harness just in time, small cut on finger, quarter-sized swollen bruise on left hand


54 trips

12? different runs

(at least) 35 different companions

11 straight weekends in fall.  Life is Good.



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