Virginia's Little Stony Creek
Friday Evening, July 11, 2003

The River

On this trip, Beau and John ran the section above the falls.  This is apparently not run very often, therefore no description is available on  This was a tight section of creek with several drops.  Only a few miles long.

  The Paddlers  
   Beau Dunnivant
Beau Dunnivant
John King
John King
  The Tech Crew (Photo and Safety)  
  Beth DUnnivant and Jess Christian, tech crew
Beth Dunnivant and Jess Christian
Beau approaches a slide Beau running a slide John approaches a slide
A slide on the Upper section of Little Stony Creek John and Beau in the dark Rhododendron Tunnel Beau and John duck the foliage
  Little Stony Falls  
Looking over the lip of the falls Full view of the falls, note Beau on the bridge above Beau and John scout the falls
Beau and John studied the falls for a long time before finally deciding that the water level was too low to run them.

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